meaning “Little for self, everything else for society” is the mission of Hindu Seva Pratishthana (HSP)


HSP is committed to the upliftment of the under-served and the people with special needs without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, race, gender or religion. Through service HSP, aims to bring about a transformation in the society where people and communities will be self-reliant.

The instruments of this change are Sevavratis – young men and women volunteers, many of whom dedicate their lives fully to the noble cause of serving the society in this area. Sevavratis, in the course of their training at HSP, realize, imbibe qualities like patriotism, perseverance and humility, and acquire the skills in working areas like Rural Development, Eradication of untouchability, Drive against alcoholism, Literacy, Child Education, Common Health Education, Individual and Family Counselling, Propagating Yoga and Spoken Samskruta language, Rehabilitation of the Mentally Retarded and Physically handicapped and Street Children, and Environmental protection.

Since its inception in 1980, HSP has been constantly expanding its activities, covering more people in towns and villages, and ensuring the co-operation and participation of local people so that the services are effective and benefits are long lasting.

Objective: To serve people based on ethos of pluralism and ensuring happiness for all without any discrimination of religion, region, language, race or gender.
The above objective is towards realizing HSP’s vision of “A self-reliant society where people have a sense of service and take care of social issues locally”.

HSP aims to achieve this by making at least a small percentage of these beneficiaries as benefactors thus making this a society sustainable model.
HSP has 9 core focus areas of work.

    • Nele – A caring home for desitute children
    • Sevakirana- Education & Cultural centers in Slums.
    • Aruna Chetana – A school of excellence for the specially abled children.
    • Samagra Shishu Shikshana – education on for comprehensive development of children.
    • Vidyanidhi- Scholarships for Students from Economically backward classes.
    • Apta Salaha Kendra – Counselling for the Needy minds & Souls.
    • Parisara Samrakshane – For maintain the Ecological Balance and improve Natural wealth.
    • Yoga Bharathi- For a fit body and a fresh mind.
    • Samskruta section- For publicizing and implementing the divine language.
    • Youth For Seva – Involving Youths, Students and Young Professionals for community development.
    • Sevavrathi Trianing – Training youth and Prepare them for Service to society.
    • Child Guidence Centre- Guide Parents / children to overcome their difficulties.
    • Nele Swalambana – Vocational training for economically weaker sec