Achievements by students of Aruna Chetana

 The students of Aruna Chetana have made many unique achievements. Following is a brief description of some of those achievements which would definitely set an example for people in the mainstream as well.

Saraswathi: This girl with a hearing impairment could not cope up with normal schooling and was trained in our school. She went on to pass her 10th Standard in the RV School for students with hearing impairment. She was trained in handicrafts and served as a class teacher in our school for several years. Presently married and residing in Tamil Nadu,she visits the school whenever comes to Bangalore.

Harish: Harish has “Mild Retardation”. He studied upto 5th Standard in our school. After completing education, he is working as an office boy for the last 5 years. Every month, he donates a portion of his meagre salary to our school, which provided him a lifeline. This act of his is an example to the mainstream-where not everyone is as generous.

Raju: Raju studied upto Class 4 in our school and then completed 2 more years of non-formal education. He is trained in Carpentry, Candle and chalk-piece making. His desire to be self-reliant and support his mother prompted him to work as a ward boy in a hospital where the doctors have praised his efficiency. Interested in sports, Raju along with another student Thyagaraja from our school, has participated in State Level, National Level and International Level competitions. He has represented our country in the Special Olympics in Idaho winning a gold medal. He is the pride of our school and our country.

Kumaraswamy: Having multiple diplegic disorders prevented Kumaraswamy from attending a normal school. He attended our school where he learnt to be self-reliant. He also appeared for the class 10 public exams.

Harini: Harini has a hearing impairment and physical disorders. She received training in Tailoring and Kasuti. She is capable of training students in Kasuti work and also knows cooking. Presently residing in her hometown Kodagu, she takes care of her household and also works in a coffee plantation.

Sudha: Sudha is mentally challenged and has a hearing impairment. She hails from an economically weak background. She completed education upto Class 5. An excellent dancer, she had to quit school to help her mother financially. Having learnt tailoring and Kasuti in our school, she has also learnt ironing of clothes from her mother.

Manjula: Manjula is afflicted with Polio and other disorders. However, with her indomitable spirit, she is a role model to other students at our school. She has completed Class 10 and went on to pursue her Diploma with the APD Institute. Taking on household responsibility, she runs a kerosene business in her home. She also guides people with disabilities to avail the various schemes launched by the government for their benefit. She has participated and won prizes in plays, singing and painting.

Sanjanapriya: She is a class 4 student in our school suffering from cerebral palsy and cannot speak. Once in her house, a servant tried to steal a mobile phone. Sanjana noticed this. Later on when her parents found the phone was missing, Sanjana gesticulated and identified the servant who committed the crime. Later on, it came to light that around 90 grams of small jewellery had been stolen from the house.

This is a prime example indicating that these kids are capable of anything.

Roshan: A person with a sense of high self-respect, Roshan has a quadriplegia condition, which prevented him from walking and talking properly. He underwent physiotherapy, speech therapy and yoga training which improved his condition. He could not write lengthy answers and could not type them as well. However, he managed to clear his class 9 exams. He presently trains kids in MS Paint and typing in Kannada.

Shilpa: Shilpa was admitted to our school when she was 5. She has cerebral palsy and mental retardation. She needed the support of a wall to walk when she joined. This dependency was cured through psychotherapy and aculaser therapy. She renders 80-85 slokas of the SoundaryaLahari accurately and beautifully. Highly self-reliant, Shilpa was enrolled in a normal school after completing upto Class 6 in our school.

Thyagaraja: Highly interested in sports, Thyagaraja has brought laurels to our school. He along with Raju participated in the Idaho special Olympics and won a gold medal in floor hockey.