Yoga Shree for imparting yogic lifestyle

YOGA BHARATI (Propagating Yoga  and Home Remedies)

HSP has trained  thousands  of  persons  all over Karnataka in Yoga  through  special  yoga camps  and workshops, based  on the traditional  Patanjali  School  of Yoga.  Regular classes on Pranayama and Meditation are also conducted. Many have benefitted through these Yoga camps and have reported improvements in their health, including instances where chronic diseases have been cured. For many others, Yoga is a new life style. The Karnataka Government has introduced yoga in its curriculum. The HSP takes pride in this.

Performing 108 Surya  Namaskaras and Surya Yagna  on the occasion  of Rathasapthami  is one of the major events  which  the yoga vibhag  organizes  every  year. Thousands participate on this day in mass Surya Namaskaras.

Yoga Sevavratis also teach how to prepare simple medicines from materials easily available at home to cure common  ailments like cold, cough, fever etc. Here,a mention has to be made of Panchavati Yoga Anusandhana Kendra, which is an institution dedicated to Yoga Research and Alte
ative Medicine.

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