Welcome to Yogashree

We have tremendous energy within us. There is veritable heaven within each one of us. The path to this inexhaustible source of energy together with peace, contentment and silence is Yoga.

Yoga helps to evoke the hidden potentialities of man in a systematic and scientific way, thereby facilitating a holistic development of the individual.

Yogashree was started under the aegis of Hindu Seva Pratishthana. Yogashree has been offering training in yoga and treatment of common ailments with home remedies for the last 25 years. Every day around 500 people learn and practice asanas, pranayama and dhyana at Yogashree. At least 25,000 people have benefited from this institution. More than 750 yoga instructors have been trained here, and they are involved in spreading the yoga movement across the country. Yogashree has been an inspiration to countless people in leading a life based on the principles of yoga. An important aspect of Yogashree’s activities is that more than half of the beneficiaries of the yoga classes have been women.

Yogashree runs separate weekly classes in yoga and Indian values in life for children of age group 5 - 15. Indian values inculcated with a scientific temper have gradually seeped into many families and households. Details about the children’s batch can be found here.

Yoga bandhus (trainees and participants) are the pillars of strength for the growth and sustenance of Yogashree. Representatives from yoga bandhus form the Yoga Sourabha Committee. This committee plans and manages the various activities of Yogashree.

About 35 students who were trained under the tutelage of Yogashree are dedicated instructors at Yogashree. It is a matter of pride that these instructors are playing significant roles in helping this institution grow in multifaceted manner.

Yogashree located in the serene surroundings of the Ramakrishna Garden, is well equipped to conduct yoga classes for regular members as well as for people with therapeutic needs.

Yogashree’s uniqueness lies in the fact that besides Yogasanas, Kriyas, Pranayama and Dhyana are taught both in theory and practice through interactive sessions.

The yeoman services rendered by Yogashree have reached far and wide. This popularity has resulted in Yogashree not being able to satisfy the demands of the increasing number of aspirants due to space constraint.