The ‘National Institutes of Health’ of US Government is world’s top most research institute in the area of public health. More than 150 researchers in this institute have won Nobel prize so far. has made. The Epigenetics department of the institute, which has done extensive research in the area of ‘lifestyle of pregnant woman and its effect on the baby in the womb’has come out with scary results which reveal that wrong lifestyle of pregnant woman can even lead to leukaemia (blood cancer) in the babies, not to mention about many more health risks that the babies face.

Another research done at London School of Hygiene and tropical medicine byDr.Bronwyn Henry and team have found that diet before conception can affect DNA of the child.

Washington University School of Medicine has proved that wrong dietary habit can affect the genes of 3 generations. Not only mother’s dietary habits even father’s dietary habits during preconception stage can mutate the genes of the child reveals another research.

Along with dietary habits other lifestyles such as lack of exercise, uncontrolled emotions also have telling effects on the baby in the womb. Dr.Thomas R Vernyleading scientist in the field of research on pregnant woman says every thought of pregnant lady can affect the child.

Researchers have also comeout with the fact that baby starts to learn right from womb and they react to the external stimuli such as music heard by the mother. All these facts were recognized by ancient Indian sages and Ayurveda had developed the branch of medicine and lifestyle known as ‘Garbha Samskara’ hundreds of years back. Serious researches have been undertaken in this field and very reliable system of imparting training to couple anticipating baby is getting evolved these days. ‘SuprajaGarbha Samskara Kendra’ under the leadership Dr. Usha M.D., who has made extensive study in the said field has undertaken to impart these invaluable knowledges to young aspiring couple with an intention to inherit quality citizens to the country.

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