Aapta Salaha Kendra (Prasanna Counselling Center)


“Like a tree each must find a place and environment to grow and branch out”

Our Objectives are :

1. To Train Lay counsellors who in turn counsel and help individuals who are in distress.

2. To offer counselling services free of cost to individuals who are in distress.

3. To increase awareness in people regarding positive mental health and healthy life style.

4. To sensitize school teachers and motivate them in students’ psychological well being.

Activities :

1.  Regular training courses to train lay volunteers – counsellors. Two batches in a year. Each batch is of 40 to 60 individuals. Two sessions a week; every Monday and Thursday between 6.30 to 8.p.m Till 1999, 19 batches have undergone training . 832 joined the course and 453 completed the course. Rs. 50/- is collected from each trainee per month.

2.  Counselling services everyday between 6 to 8-30 P.M an Average No. of clients per year : 250 , an Average No.of sessions for each person : 3 to 5. Counselling services are free.

3. Psychiatric consultation to the needy.

Every Day : Dr.Prameela

Every Wednesday : Dr. C.R. chandrashekar

Every Saturday : Dr. K.V. Kishore Kumar

4.  Lectures, Discussions, Seminars are conducted periodically on request by different agencies and individuals.

5.  Sensitization programmes on students problems in different schools on request.

6. Child Guidance center

Type of problems with which clients come to the Centre are :

1.   Learning difficulties, poor performance in school or college.

2.   Behaviour problems in children and adolescents,

3.   Marital discord.

4.   Emotional problems. (Uncontrolled anxiety, sadness, anger)

5.   Loneliness.

6.   Low -self-esteem and feelings of inferiority & inadequacies.

7.   Inter-personal problems in the family and work place.

8.   Alcohol and drug abuse.

9.   Unemployment or under-employment.

10.  Mental disorders.

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