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Chanakya Bharathi

The following is the brief writeup on the opening ceremony of Cauvery National Public School:

Brief History of the School: Cauvery National Public School has been offering educational service for the people of RT Nagar/Sultanpalaya area for the last 12-13 years specifically for students from lower strata of our society. Last five years the school has been run by Chanakya Bharathi. We offer quality education and also focus on moral value inculcating education to the students. We run many programs to enhance different ability of the students like Math-Science Olympiad, Spelling Bee in three languages, debates, etc..

Chanakyabharathi in collaboration with Hindu Seva Prathistana constructed the school on the premises of Hindu Seva Prathistana and the opening ceremony and Pooja was conducted on 20th June 2016. The function was well attended with about 150 people. Swamiji Sri. Sri. Sadakshara munni of Adhijambhava Samasthan graced the occasion along with Sri. V. Nagaraj Kshetra Sangachalakaru, Dakshin Madhya kshretra, RSS. Sri Suresh and Sri. J.R. Sridhar Sagar both RSS pracharaks also attended the function along Hebbal constituency MLA Sri. Y.A. Narayanaswamy and the entire team of Chanakyabharathi. Both the chief Guests stressed on the need for value based education for the betterment of the society.

New Beginning... the school moves to our New Location with an enigmatic team, determined to create an impact in the world of education. Mission Possible to continue... Now and forever..!


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Background of the Organization

The school was taken over by Chanakya Bharathi , and was running in a rental premises. As we are planning to have our own building contacted Hindu Seva Prathistan(HSP) , which was having 30 *71’ site in the vicinity of the slum dwellers and economically backward people (below poverty line).HSP agreed to lease the site for 30 years freely (copy enclosed). The school will cater to the educational requirement of the locality.

Proposed to construct 4 storied building for running KG and school at the estimated cost of around 80 lacks.

Proposed to appoint a full time worker to accomplish following objectives once the building is ready.

  • To take care of educational needs of the locality mainly rag pickers and economically backward families.
  • To improve life style of rag picker families by cultivating healthy food habit and refrain from tobacco chewing which is prevalent now.
  • Educate to maintain healthy surroundings to impart skill training for alternate activities.

1. Target Area Background

Surrounded by hakki pikki community and slum dwellers who are economically, socially and educationally backwards. Main activity for living is rag picking.

2. Objectives of the Project

Construct four storey school building for running school to take care of educational needs of the locality mainly rag pickers and economically backward families.

3. Description of the Project/Methodology

Land leased freely by HSP for 30 years. Planning to construct 4 storey building to house 300 students.

Monitoring, Reporting & Evaluation

Monitoring Treasurer and secretary of the trust would monitor the construction on a weekly basis against the sanctioned plan. In addition, s/he would also monitor the progress for quality of work and schedule.

Reporting Treasurer and secretary of the trust would submit a monthly Internal report on the progress made to CHANAKYA BHARATHI TRUST bearers. On a quarterly basis, a Progress Report would be sent to CHANAKYA BHARATHI TRUST, to keep them updated of the progress, issues & risks if any. Milestone Reports would be submitted at key milestones i.e. on completion of -foundation; ground floor roofing; first floor roofing; plastering, electrical, plumbing works. On completion of the project, a final completion report would also be submitted. Photographs showing progress of work would also accompany all reports.

Evaluation The project would be evaluated with the consultation and guidelines of the granting agency. On completion of the project, it would be evaluated for three critical parameters – Time, Cost and Quality.


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HSP is committed to the upliftment of the under-served and the people with special needs without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, race, gender or religion.

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