“We live in a world which is full of misery and ignorance. The duty of each and all of us is to  try to make the little corner he can influence somewhat less miserable and somewhat less ignorant than it was before.”

Have you ever spread a thought for what these children represent ?

This child is one of thousands of homeless children who live in our  cities with no  place to sleep and no food to eat many a times.  One day they might fall into the hands of anti-social elements and become  a threat to society.  Shouldn’t  we prevent it ?  Nearly 80,000 such children live in Bangalore  alone.

In out country,  the number of such children  is increasing daily.  As responsible citizens,  there is definitely  a lot we can do  for them.  We could  step  in and embrace these children  and help  them  lead a life we dream for  ourselves.  These children, too, are citizens  of our society  and could  contribute to the progress and glory of our land if given an opportunity.  This is the rationale  behind  NELE.
NELE  means  ‘shelter’  in Kannada

Narendra Nele

Nele – Narendra –
# 65,  Near Bande Anjaneya Temple Road,
Timber Yard  Layout,  Mysore Road,
Bangalore – 560 065
Ph :  26749281

Started functioning in Bangalore from Aug 2000 with 15 boys,  aged between  4 and13.  Now the number  is  61.

Shri . A.N. Gangadhar  Shastry  of Shri Mahalakshmi  Sharada Education Trust  has generously  made  available  two floors  of the trust’s  premises  for NELE .   The Mahila  Mandali  School,  N.R. Colony  has graciously admitted  these  children  to their  primary  school  and has not charged any fees.

Even  though  these  children  come from a  background  of utter  poverty  and neglect ,  they  have been  quick  to imbibe  healthy  habits  like  cleanliness,  politeness,  courtesy  towards  other  children ,  respect  for  teachers  and reverence  for cultural  values.  This  has convinced  us of  the need  to expand  this  facet  of social  work.

Now the Narendra Nele has been shifted to a new, big premises belonging to Shri. Sateeshchandra Goel in Timber yard layout, Bangalore.

Nivedita Nele
Nele – Nivedita
# 76/1,  6th Main Road,  3rd Block,
Bangalore – 560 028
Ph :  26762774
Started operation in Bangalore from  July 2003 with 5 girls, aged between 3 and 7  Now the number is 15. This is a rehabilitation center for rag-picker girls. Now these girls are put in schools.

Our  Vision

    • Ensuring  physical,  mental  and moral  soundness  and well being  of every  child.
    • Inculcating  cultural  values  and good conduct.
    • Working  towards  all round  development  of each  child.
    • Strengthening  the Child’s  personal  relationship  with  other   children,  the family  and the community.
    • Restoring  the children’s  relationship  with their  families  when  possible.

Present  Programmes

    • Provision  for  free food,  clothing  and shelter.
    • Arrangements  for  free education.
    • Provision  for school uniforms, books  and educational  needs.
    • Training  in skills,  crafts  and arts.
    • Health  supervision  and training.
    • Counselling  to families.
    • Awareness about the evil consequences  of   drinking ,  drugs etc.

Projected  Programmes

    • Creation  of care – centers  in  various  extension  of the city of Bangalore.
    • Night – Stay facilities  for rag-pickers
    • Alternative earning areas against rag  picking.
    • Identifying  areas  where concentration  of neglected  children are predominant
    • Non- formal  education  centers.
    • Vocational  and job- oriented  training.
    • Comprehensive  personality  development  programmes  and  camps.

How  You Can Help

1. Become  a friend  and spend  some time with  them.
2. Celebrate  your kid’s  birthday  with  Nele children
3. Sponsor  a child – Rs. 1,000/- per month  and Rs. 12,000/- per year.
4. Sponsor  a day’s  food and related needs
5. Sponsor  a months  upkeep  of NELE
6. Sponsor  a corpus  fund  for maintenance  on any  particular  day in the year  in your name
7. Donate  to NELE  on days of festivity,  pooja, marriage etc.,
8. Donation of sites, houses and any facility in kind  are  welcome.

NOTE : Donations  qualify  for IT  Exemption  U/S 80.G  Cheques /Drafts  to be drawn  in favour  of  “HINDU  SEVA  PRATISHTHANA”