Nele for homeless children



“We live in a world which is full of misery and ignorance. The duty of each of us is to try to make that little corner he can influence, somewhat less miserable and less ignorant than it was before.”

Street children represent the thousands of homeless children who live in our cities without a place to sleep and invariably without food.  Nearly 80,000 such children live in Bangalore alone.

In our country, the number of such children is increasing daily. As responsible citizens, there is definitely a lot we can do for them. We could embrace these children and help  them  lead a life we dream for ourselves.  These children too, are citizens of our society and could  contribute to the progress and glory of our land if given an opportunity.  This is the rationale behind NELE.

NELE means  ‘shelter’  in Kannada.

Some highlights of NELE:

    • The girls of NiveditaNele are being imparted computer skills, spoken English lessons, Crafts classes and Yakshaganaclasses. Girls from Nivedita performed their maiden Yakshagana dance drama on the on the occasion of HSP’s Annual Day on December 9th, 2014. All the participants were spell bound by their nearly professional performance.
    • Students of NiveditaNele participated in elocution about Swami Vivekananda in their schools and secured prizes.
    • Children from Chandana, Namma Mane and Narendra Neles took part in Kabbadi competitions at the Taluk level and secured the first and second positions.
    • Suresh and Lakshminarayan took part in their College athletics competition and in 400m race, secured the first prize.
    • On the occasion of Kanakadasa Jayanthi, the children of Namma Mane Nele went to Kaaginele and volunteered.
    • Chandana Nele, Narendra Nele had organised a medical camp in the month of October and December. Over 500 children got their health scrutinised.

ON going Programmes of NELE :

    • Starting an ‘Open Shelter’ for street children.
    • Starting NELE centres in other towns of Karnataka.
    • Starting counselling centres in NELE premises.

 How you can get involved with NELE :

    • Be their friend, philosopher and guide.
    • Spend your free time with the children at Nele by mentoring.
    • You can sponsor new clothes for children through clothes collection drive.
    • You can donate provision

It is rightly said that ‘Children are   a precious gift from God.’ Thus, Nele is serving a wonderful purpose by reaching out to the needy and serving them in all possible way.

So, now it’s OUR TURN!

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