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Social Impact: Hindu Seva Prathishtana

17 Mar 2021 2:28 PM | Hindu Seva Pratishthana (Administrator)

A number of organizations and institutions focus their efforts to build people. They toil to produce engineers, doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, artists, etc. They concentrate on every factor, every facility and every force that can help the learners excel in their domain of expertise. While the world has aggressively adapted to certain segments of human skill building and life value enrichment, this aggression has left behind a large number of people who could not participate in the growth story. A nation sees real growth when all its stakeholders are a part of the journey. Several organizations are now working to get board all those who missed the previous opportunity so that they can be a part of further developments. When we speak of such unusual people-building organizations, Hindu Seva Prathisthana (HSP) is one of the prime names that emerge. HSP aims to bring about a transformation in the society where people and communities are self-reliant.

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HSP is committed to the upliftment of the under-served and the people with special needs without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, race, gender or religion.

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