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Youth for Seva

Youth For Seva started under HSP as a project and eventually in 2011 got independent.

There is a growing desire among the youth in India to volunteer their time and talent for community development. But most of them are not currently involved in volunteering work because of three major reasons:

  • Not knowing where to start.
  • The fear that it may be too much of a responsibility.
  • Concern that it cannot be done within the limited time available to them.

“Youth for Seva” (YFS) was formed in April 2007 to fill this gap so that youth with an intention to volunteer and with different time commitments can easily find meaningful opportunities to serve the community.

The mission of YFS is to inspire youth to volunteer, connect them to the grass roots projects, and provide ongoing support and training to the volunteers and the NGOs.

For more information visit the website:


Your contribution will help us to serve people in need.



We are open to all volunteers who want to join hands with us to serve the community. Join NOW to make a difference!!


HSP is committed to the upliftment of the under-served and the people with special needs without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, race, gender or religion.

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